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Take a peek into Peking University

Applications are now open for UC’s 2019 ‘Explore Beijing’ programme.

Organised in collaboration with Peking University, this five-week will see 10 UC students exploring Beijing while studying at one of China’s most prestigious universities.

Hear all about it from someone who experienced it first-hand, BSc/BA student, Alysha Voon.

I spent six incredible weeks in China as part of the Explore Beijing Summer programme. Looking back, I cannot believe the amount of excitement and happiness I felt, as well as the knowledge and friendships I have gained from this overseas experience.

Peking University is regarded as China’s top university, and every day we were amazed at what it has to offer – a huge range of canteens (craving burgers and chips? ‘Hollywood Canteen’ has you covered!), grocery stores, a laundromat and unbelievable scenery.

We attended classes where we gained valuable insight and got a first-hand taste of China’s unique culture through language lessons, calligraphy and tai chi.  Outside of campus, we visited some of China’s most famous, breath taking history such as the great wall, forbidden- city and the Olympic stadium, tested our taste buds in a street full of edible bugs and crazy creations, and travelled down south to Guangzhou for a few days and witnessed the diverse range in food, language and culture China has to offer.

Spending time in this unique environment offered me valuable experience with new and improved skills in a range of areas that will no doubt benefit me in the future. I cannot emphasis enough how amazing an opportunity it is and what a student programme like this has to offer – so if you’re thinking of applying, just do it!

Applications for this year’s programme, running from 15 November to Sunday 22 December, close on Sunday 21 July.

Want to know more? Check out the Information sessions!


  • 5pm Wednesday 22 May
  • 3pm Friday 7 June


  • A9 Lecture theatre

Interested students can register to attend here>

Additional information can be found here, or by emailing partnerships@canterbury.ac.nz.

Apply now to spend your summer in Beijing


Do you have plans for your summer break? How about spending five weeks at Peking University in Beijing, China while working on a project for an Aotearoa New Zealand organisation and earning credit at the same time? Applications close on Tuesday 31 July so get in quick! The programme is open to undergraduate students from ANY degree.

This five-week programme organised in collaboration with Peking University provides an opportunity for 14 students to explore Beijing while working on a project for an Aotearoa New Zealand organisation.

You will be living near Peking University in the centre of Beijing. This combined with your project as well as language, history and culture classes and exciting day trips in and around Beijing will enable you to gain a unique insight into another culture.

The programme is funded by the Prime Minister’s Scholarship for Asia (PMSA). This means that we can offer the programme at a heavily subsidised fee of $1500(NZD). This includes flights, accommodation, meals, activities and day trips in and around Beijing, airport transfers, travel insurance and your Chinese visa.

The programme will run from Friday 16 November to Sunday 23 December, 2018.

For more information please visit the website or email partnerships@canterbury.ac.nz

My six weeks of university in China

Three months ago I was sitting outside Tiananmen Square at midnight, bonding with a chain-smoking military guard over the song Africa by Toto, and I wondered – how did I get here?

While this realm of existentialism is probably best left to Jaden Smith, (and the puns left to actually funny human beings), the specific case of ending up in China was a result of the absolutely primo opportunity offered by UC to take part in a six-week summer programme at Peking University, Beijing. I was lucky enough to be (definitely by accident) selected for this.

Aside from living in a totally different world, the opportunities on this programme are endless. We (attempted) to learn Mandarin, were taken to many traditional ceremonies, got involved with the expat community, worked on research for Chinese/New Zealand immigration, spent 3 days in Guangzhou meeting students, and heard some of the most phenomenally weird and wonderful stories of China’s history in daily classes at Peking. Additionally, I got to risk my life every morning; one commutes to campus by bike.

It’s a phenomenal place where social and technological evolution is accelerating at a ridiculous rate, and I would highly recommend anyone to apply for this fantastic opportunity. If I can make the cut, frankly anyone can. In the famous words of Chinese philosopher Shia LaBoeuf; “Just DO IT.”

Tim Marshall

Find more information about the six-week summer programme to Peking University here>
Applications close Tuesday 31 July 2018