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Take a peek into Peking University

Applications are now open for UC’s 2019 ‘Explore Beijing’ programme.

Organised in collaboration with Peking University, this five-week will see 10 UC students exploring Beijing while studying at one of China’s most prestigious universities.

Hear all about it from someone who experienced it first-hand, BSc/BA student, Alysha Voon.

I spent six incredible weeks in China as part of the Explore Beijing Summer programme. Looking back, I cannot believe the amount of excitement and happiness I felt, as well as the knowledge and friendships I have gained from this overseas experience.

Peking University is regarded as China’s top university, and every day we were amazed at what it has to offer – a huge range of canteens (craving burgers and chips? ‘Hollywood Canteen’ has you covered!), grocery stores, a laundromat and unbelievable scenery.

We attended classes where we gained valuable insight and got a first-hand taste of China’s unique culture through language lessons, calligraphy and tai chi.  Outside of campus, we visited some of China’s most famous, breath taking history such as the great wall, forbidden- city and the Olympic stadium, tested our taste buds in a street full of edible bugs and crazy creations, and travelled down south to Guangzhou for a few days and witnessed the diverse range in food, language and culture China has to offer.

Spending time in this unique environment offered me valuable experience with new and improved skills in a range of areas that will no doubt benefit me in the future. I cannot emphasis enough how amazing an opportunity it is and what a student programme like this has to offer – so if you’re thinking of applying, just do it!

Applications for this year’s programme, running from 15 November to Sunday 22 December, close on Sunday 21 July.

Want to know more? Check out the Information sessions!


  • 5pm Wednesday 22 May
  • 3pm Friday 7 June


  • A9 Lecture theatre

Interested students can register to attend here>

Additional information can be found here, or by emailing partnerships@canterbury.ac.nz.

JAPA students win fully-funded study tours to Japan

Five students in the Elementary Japanese Course have been selected to participate in a fully-funded two-week study programme in Japan by the North Asia Centre of Asia-Pacific Experience (CAPE).

The programme was open to Aotearoa New Zealand students by competitive application and five of the 15 students selected were first year UC JAPA students. The students will have the opportunity to travel to the Ishikawa Prefecture to study the Japanese language and culture between November and October.

Congratulations to Chris Langridge, Daniel Price, Andy Simmonds, Rosara Harris and Timothy Sullivan. We would like to wish them all the best for their stay in Japan.

How UC made Rachel’s Parisian dream come true

Rachel Liao is excited to be embarking on the experience of a lifetime as she prepares to study at Science Po Paris, thanks to the UC Student Exchange Programme.

“I’m stoked to be living in France. Learning French has been a passion of mine since high school and my high school trip to France in 2015 really motivated me to keep going with the language. I have been itching to go back!” Rachel told us.

Sciences Po is an international research university, ranking among the finest institutions in the fields of humanities and social sciences.

And, as Rachel explains, “it’s also one of the top Political Science universities in the world.”

Which for a political science major like herself, is an incredible opportunity.

“From areas of study to ways of teaching, Science Po’s courses differ widely to what’s available at UC, and I’m particularly looking forward to a methodology workshop on Diplomacy and International Negotiations this semester.”

In addition to her studies, Rachel is eager to immerse herself in the French culture, spend time exploring another part of the world and taking her language skills to the next level.

Rachel sees her exchange as a great opportunity to both finish her undergrad degree, and get her OE experience. It also gives her the chance to diversify her degree by experiencing a global perspective on her studies.

And the free return airfares UC offers to eligible students didn’t hurt either.

“While I’ve always wanted to go to back to France, the UC Student Exchange programme made the decision much easier and the financial and institutional support I could receive as an exchange student was really appealing to me.”

Rachel will depart New Zealand in late August, ready to begin her two semester stint at Sciences Po in early September 2018. Keep an eye out for more on Rachel’s Parisian exchange experience during her student takeover of the ucnz Instagram account, later this year.

If you’ve been wanting to see more of the world then the UC Student Exchange programme, with over 60 partner universities worldwide, could be just what you’re looking for.

To find out how you can apply for Semester Two 2019, follow this link>