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Get ahead over summer

1_MARK6819_Summer_School_878x400px - 2017

Keen for a new challenge? Take one of the Summer School courses available at UC this summer.

It’s a great way to shorten the time it takes to complete your degree, retake a course you failed during the year, spread your workload or pick up a prerequisite course – and you’ll still have heaps of time to make the most of the long summer days.

Enrol now at myUC for a November start and from 3 October you can also enrol for courses starting in January. Check out the range of courses now.


Ashalyna Noa in Samoa = Pasifika Doctoral Scholarship recipient

Ashalyna Noa is in Samoa at the moment doing her research working towards her PhD. This has been made possible in part to the UC Pasifika Doctoral Scholarship which Ash won. The good news is that two of these scholarships are on offer again for next year but applications close on 15th October.

Watch Ahalyna’s video then either apply or share this to all your family and friends that this could help. What an awesome opportunity!

Ahalyna Noa Pasifika Scholarship video still

Big wins at Forestry awards

Congratulations to our UC students who won New Zealand Institute of Forestry awards last week.

The awards encourage and support forestry-related education, training and research through the provision of grants, scholarships and prizes; promoting the acquisition, development and dissemination of forestry-related knowledge and information and other activities.

A Future Forest Scholarship of $10,000 was awarded to Fei Guo, a PhD student at the University of Canterbury looking at the use of spectroscopy of cellulose and wood to predict growth-stress levels in standing trees and logs. This is a new award for the Foundation, made possible by a donation of $70,000 from the forest investment company New Forests.

The Otago/Southland Award of $1,500 went to Luke Holmes, a Bachelor of Forest Engineering Honours student at University of Canterbury whose research topic is the productivity of fully mechanised cable logging operations. He is studying a cable logging operation in Southland using an innovative method of cable logging.

Michael Pay, a second year Master of Forestry Science student at University of Canterbury received the Frank Hutchinson Scholarship of $1,000 for a postgraduate student. Michael’s project is estate modelling of a multi species, multi-objective forest.

A University undergraduate scholarship of $1,000 was received by Morgan Scragg, a first year Bachelor of Forestry Science student at the University of Canterbury.

UC winners of the student poster competition held at the NZIF Conference were:

Okey Francis Obi, a PhD student at University of Canterbury, for a poster on the efficiency of logging crews (second prize of $500)

Michael Pay, a Master of Forestry Science student at University of Canterbury for a poster on outcomes from management of a marginal hill country forest property (third prize of $200).