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Engineering students! Here’s how you can spend your summer in the Pacific…

Are you interested in Biomedical Engineering? Would you like to combine your engineering skills with making a difference in a developing country this summer for ten weeks? 

Applications are now open to be one of the students selected to participate in this important work (counts as practical or professional work).

In a unique partnership between UC, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare and non-profit Take My Hands, we are sending six Mechanical or Mechatronics Engineering students (any professional year) to improve healthcare and the well-being of people in the Pacific Islands. This is intended to be the first year of an annual opportunity.

These are paid internships hosted by Fisher & Paykel Healthcare and will have a research project focus. To learn more about this opportunity, please go to our webpage>

To apply for one of the five remaining slots, please answer the questions below in essay format (max 2 pages) and attach the requested information:

  1. Having reviewed the webpage above, why are you interested in this internship opportunity?
  2. What hands-on experience, global experience, background, and/or skills do you have that would help you succeed as an intern in the Pacific Islands?
  3. If selected, are you able to commit to the workshop training and the full time period of the internship (2 weeks of intensive training at UC in mid-November, first 3 weeks of December in the Pacific Islands, 2 weeks holiday—with option to travel home at your expense, then 5 weeks in the Pacific Islands until the week before classes begin again)?
    If you’re not able to commit to the entire period, what are your restrictions?
  4. This internship is only open to 1st thru 3rd Pro students in Mechanical or Mechatronics Engineering who have a demonstrated interest and commitment to Biomedical Engineering. Both 1st and 2nd Pro students will be required to declare the Minor in Biomedical Engineering (when available in early 2020) and complete all the courses for it (Mechatronics students must commit to attend in person the 2nd Pro course in biomedical design on top of their regular course load). Are you willing to make this commitment?
  5. Send your CV, unofficial transcript, and letter of interest answering the questions above to Debbie.Munro@Canterbury.ac.nz by 5pm 20 September 2019.

Selections will be made by 4 October 2019 by a panel made up of faculty, staff, two UC BIOMED executive members, and our partners (i.e. Fisher&Paykel and Take My Hands). 

The UC BIOMED club has a new shipping container workshop and headquarters at 24 Kirkwood Avenue that will serve as our campus training facility, and we’ll be painting it with mural designs over the next couple of weeks.

A workshop training schedule will be posted shortly. This training is open to all, even those not interested in going to the Pacific Islands.

In addition to your application materials, we will be looking for demonstrated enthusiasm based on participation in club activities and training workshops.

My day at the Human Rights Commission Diversity Forum!

The other day (Monday 25th) I had a really awesome experience when I attended the Human Rights Commission Diversity Forum as part of their media team. I first heard about this opportunity through an email from the Media and Communications Department at UC, and as soon as I saw it I jumped at the chance to be a part of it.

The forum was held at UC, mainly in C Block lecture theatres. On the day I was given control of the NZ Race Relations Twitter page to update throughout the forum with photos, quotes from speakers and information from various talks. I sat right in the front row along with two other UC media students which was  a prime position for capturing photos! Over the day many interesting issues were discussed including:  how employers can embrace diversity, what tools are provided by Immigration New Zealand to help new workers integrate into society, and employment challenges new migrants encounter. Once the forum had ended we were invited to attend an awards ceremony where I had the pleasure of meeting the Governor General, and even the Chancellor of the University, Dr John Wood.

For me this experience was incredibly valuable, as it is in my area of interest (media) and allowed me to make contacts within the industry. My advice for UC students would be to give everything a go as you’ll never know what great chances you could be missing if you don’t try. I highly recommend making the most of opportunities such as this while you attend UC as they are enriching experiences that provide you with great work experience for the future, and are valuable on your CV! Remember to check your emails regularly to see what pops up, and don’t feel shy to ask lecturers and department co-ordinators, as they have the inside knowledge.

If you would like to read more about this year’s Human Rights Commission Forum, or would like to keep a look out for next year’s date, then visit this website (this annual event is free) http://www.hrc.co.nz/race-relations/new-zealand-diversity-forum/