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Reinforcing cybersecurity with MFA

Last month, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) was applied to your UC Microsoft 365 account to provide you with an extra layer of protection.

In this digital age, as cybercrime continues to rise, just knowing your username and password isn’t enough. That’s why we applied an extra step of authenticating your identity through MFA to make it harder for an attacker to take over your UC account. 

In cases where you lose your phone (yes, it happens!), travel abroad or to remote places, or it feels like you’re being re-prompted for MFA regularly, don’t forget to read the Frequently Asked Questions. 

MFA Prompt

Securing your UC email access – modern authentication

Over the weekend we applied extra cyber strengthening to our email system to protect the University from cyber-criminals. This was a risk-based decision, to protect the University from a major cyber incident.

As of Friday 3 December, only secure modern authentication can be used to access UC emails.

What does this mean for me?  

Depending on the method you use to access your emails, you might have lost access as a result of the added protection.  For example, you might have noticed that access to calendar and mail from other applications e.g., your device inbuilt mail app, has stopped working.

If this applies to you, please download the Microsoft Outlook app from the App Store (Apple) or Google Play Store (Android) to send and receive emails from your student UC email account.

You can also get your email through Outlook web access .

Please note: UC does not support other mail clients on mobile devices. 

What is modern authentication? 

Modern authentication enables applications to support sign-in features likec which provides more secure methods to keep your information protected.

Modern authentication is valuable in protecting UC’s online resources and data against ongoing attempts by hackers.

Why do we need this?  

Phishing and credential harvesting remains the most reported incident category by CertNZ. There is an increased frequency of cyber-attacks, and the University is constantly assessing the risk to UC and applying necessary controls to improve security and keep our information safe.  In this instance, secure authentication methods.

Where can I get more help?  

If you need help, you can call the IT Service Desk on 03 369 5000 or 0508 824 843 or go to the ground floor in  Matariki  between 10am –4pm,  Monday to Friday.

Our UC cyber security page contains helpful tips and tricks, and guidance on how to spot a  scam.

Please keep vigilant, and if you do ever spot anything suspicious make sure you tell us straight away.


Rudo Tagwireyi
Director of Cyber Security and Risk