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Research in action – An Education Gazette Article

Are schools ready to embrace new technology across learning? Digital EducationFutures expert Dr Kathryn MacCallum on the complex skillsets for integrating digital technology into all aspects of learning in Education Gazette NZ


This article explores some of the early outcomes of a current research project funded by the Teaching and Learning Research Initiative (TLRI) and led by Associate Professor Kathryn MacCallum. This pilot action research project is a teacher-driven investigation into how innovative technologies can support cross-curriculum teaching. The study adopts a participatory design and research methodology to explore teachers’ experiences of how mixed reality (MR) can be incorporated across STEAM domains to drive diverse learning outcomes. The focus is to explore how creative digital technologies can help bridge the divide between digital technologies and other subject areas and focus on developing new learning opportunities that draw on a range of values, skills and learning through the development and creation of digital artefacts in authentic contexts.