Learning with mixed reality – A Canterbury Learning Days Event

The following outlines the schedule and signup page for the event – Integrating mixed reality into the learning process which is scheduled to run during Ōtautahi Learning Days on Wednesday 12th Thursday, 13th May from 4:30pm-7pm.

This event hosted by the DeFL will be an educator focused event exploring the adoption and integration of mixed reality artefacts into the teaching and learning context. The event is open to anyone with an interest in learning about the use and design of these experiences for educational purposes.

Blurb from the event page:

Mixed Reality (MR) provides new opportunities to transport your learners to new locations (which may be otherwise inaccessible) or to engage them more fully within their own locations (when digital is blended over the physical). While there are many ready-made MR experiences that you can embed into your teaching, this workshop explores how students can create their own MR experiences to support a wide range of learning outcomes. This hands-on workshop introduces you to a range of tools (suitable for leaner from the age of 8 and up) that you can use with your own learners, for them to easily create their own MR experiences. In this workshop, we explore these tools and discuss how MR can be integrated into different learning contexts to support a range of learning outcomes including specific progress outcomes from the DTMH curriculum. The event requires no programming ability and is open to all educators in all sectors (compulsory and training/informal).

To attend, please complete the signup sheet. Once completed we will be in touch with further details closer to the event.