Our great group of researchers, members,  thesis students and collaborators

The following are a list of our Thesis students current undertaking research in this area.

NickiDabner“Digital Safety and Responsible Use Within a Primary School Ecosystem in Aotearoa/New Zealand”
ZhanniLuoGamification: The Effectiveness of Game Elements to Different Player Types in Educational Contexts
HimashaGunasekaraRole of social media in creative education in Sri Lankan context
CiaraAlfonsoThe Use of Technology to Implement Education for Sustainability for current generation of learners
Ke (Coco)ChenThe role of personal mobile devices in Chinese students’ learning in higher education context.
DanDubienOpen Educational Practices Related to Instructional Design Applied in a Context of Organisational Change in Higher Education
LeonaHarrisLinguistic landscapes of emergent bilingual young children
CarolyneObonyoMobile learning in initial teacher education
Marie Louise (Lulu)BarryInvestigating Guidelines and Ethics for the Use of Narrow Artificial Intelligence in Formative and Summative Assessment”
CarolynAlexander BennettOnline Learning and Distance Education in New Zealand: Engaging ākonga Māori from rural New Zealand schools
BernieLeeExploring the Effects of Smartphone Distraction on Senior Secondary Students”
JenniferDalyDigital technology use by young children and the effects on behaviour, psychosocial, and cognitive development
StephenMcConnachieE-Learning and Digital Technologies – effective practice in resource-constrained environments, particularly developing countries. 
AaronTaylorMining for Answers in Mathematics:
An investigation into the effectiveness Minecraft has within a Mathematics environment in a New Zealand primary school