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Health and Safety on campus

UC is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all students. To make sure you feel safe on campus, here are a few things to remember:

Look up:

Whether you’re a pedestrian, cyclist or skateboarder, it is important to be aware of what’s happening around you. Look out for others when travelling through campus to make sure you are not putting others at risk. 

 No smoking or vaping on campus:  

UC is a smokefree campus, meaning you cannot smoke cigarettes or vape on campus grounds, in or near any UC buildings or at any field stations. By respecting the smokefree policy we can all enjoy a healthier place to study, work, socialise and live. 

Do you know where the Emergency Procedures are located around your lectures?  

All departments have an Emergency Procedures flip chart outlining what to do in different types of emergencies. The flip charts are on display throughout the University and can be found in all lecture theatres. A PDF version of each page can be found on the UC website Emergency Procedures page.


We need your help to keep our campus safe. If you see something unsafe or get injured while on campus, it is super easy to let us know. Assura is our easy to use health and safety reporting system. Reporting through Assura will increase our visibility of hazards, so we can correct any issues and make UC safer. Health and safety is all of our responsibility, and by working together we can protect our community. More information on reporting an incident or hazard can be found on the UC website Report an Incident page.

It’s time! Check you’re emergency ready

With daylight saving ending soon, it’s a good time to check you’re ready in case of emergency.

A few quick questions:

  • Have you saved UC Security’s number in your phone?

UC Security staff are on campus 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so someone will always be there to help you in an emergency at UC. Be prepared by saving UC Security’s number: 0800 823 637.

  • Are your emergency contact details current?

It’s easy to update your details through myUC. Take a moment to check the person you’ve listed as your emergency contact is still appropriate, and their details are still correct. While you’re logged in to myUC you can also check your details are up-to-date (especially if you’ve moved recently), in case someone from UC needs to reach out to you.

  • Do you know about UC’s Help point towers?

There are 13 help towers (topped by blue lights) located across UC’s Ilam and Dovedale campuses to provide information any time, and immediate assistance in an emergency. Read more>

Ann Ballin Building Reopening

We celebrated the renaming of UC’s School of Psychology, Speech and Hearing Staff block as the Ann Ballin Building today, International Women’s Day.  

The late Dame Ann’s friends and whānau joined us on campus and took the first tour of the newly renovated building.  

Dame Reubina Ann Ballin was a life-long advocate for victims and people with disabilities. As a UC graduate of Psychology and a student counsellor from 1974 to 1986, she made an impact on students and staff for decades. In 2002, she was awarded Aotearoa New Zealand’s highest civilian honour – the Membership of the Order of New Zealand.  

The Ann Ballin Building, which will continue to be home to Te Kura Mahi ā-Hiriapo | School of Psychology, Speech and Hearing, has been upgraded with low carbon features and will be incorporated into UC’s renewable energy systems in the future.  

As part of Te Rāngai Pūtaiao | Faculty of Science, the reopening of the refurbished building also marks the completion of the UC Science precinct – a significant milestone for UC. The renaming of the building follows a strong tradition of UC buildings being named after alumni and staff. 

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