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Volunteering Expo this Wednesday!

Volunteering Expo 2022

The Volunteering Expo is back for another year and chock full of stalls. All students and staff are welcome!

  • Wednesday 3 August | 11:30 am – 2:30 pm | Undercroft 

Get involved with local not-for-profit organisations and discover all the benefits of being a volunteer.

This feel-good event is brought to you by UC Careers, UCSA and Volunteering Canterbury.


How can Volunteering help my career?
  • Learning more about yourself by supporting a cause can help you find out what you want to do at work and in life.
  • Get work experience in your future work interest or an entirely new field.
  • build your professional networks, which may prove valuable for you in your search for future paid work.
  • apply and enhance the skills and knowledge you’ve gained from uni in real life.
  • connect with people from all walks of life, and be part of a team
  • get a current reference to attest to your work ethic, skills and attributes.
At the Volunteering Expo

Think of how you are going to introduce yourself. It could be as easy as stating your name and year/field of study. This would be the time to show how you have done your research and the questions you have prepared. Think about the types of questions you would like to ask. For example:

      • What type of volunteer roles do they have?
      • What skills/attributes do they look for when taking on a volunteer?
      • Where are they located?
      • How do they support their volunteers?
      • What type of training will you receive, and how long does it take?
      • What time commitment would you be looking at?

See you there. Mā te wā!

How can UC Careers help me?

Hear from Nell Mooney (Mātanga Rapuara | Career Consultant) and Sam Preston (third-year Bachelor of Commerce) about our on-campus career support available to all students, from the first year right through to graduation.

Book an appointment or join our drop-in sessions every Tuesday & Thursday!

Mā te wā,

Te Rōpū Rapuara | UC Careers 

LINGOSWAP: Free Mandarin Lessons



GCC are happy to announce that we are bringing back ‘LingoSwap’

FREE BEGINNER MANDARIN LESSONS for those wanting a crash course in the language and culture run by the Confucius Institute at UC.

This crash course is perfect for complete beginners who have no previous background in Mandarin Chinese. Our goal for you is to nail the basics and build a strong foundation for your future adventures.

This course is held every Thursday between 6-7pm over 6 weeks

Week 1: Hello/ Introductions

Week 2: Nationalities

Week 3: Numbers & Months

Week 4: Ordering Food

Week 5: Shopping

Week 6: Asking for Directions


Starting on the 21st July, spaces are limited so SIGN UP NOW!

See you there!