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UC Earthquake Procedure Reminder

Following this morning’s earthquake, we want to provide a reminder of UC’s earthquake procedures. 

During An Earthquake/Aftershock 

Inside a facility: 

  • Plan your best safe zone.
  • Drop Cover Hold.
  • Do not try to move while the ground is shaking.
  • When the shaking has stopped, and/or the fire alarm has activated, evacuate the building immediately. 
  • Make your way to the nearest holding area or Ilam Fields if safe to do so.
  • Await instructions from Security or Emergency Personnel.
  • Do not re-enter buildings/facilities until the all clear has been given by Security or Emergency Services personnel. 

If outside: 

  • Stay outside.
  • Do not re-enter buildings/facilities.
  • Take shelter clear of buildings, trees, power lines or other potential hazards.
  • When shaking has stopped go to your nearest holding area or Ilam Fields if safe to do so. 
  • Await instructions from Security or Emergency Personnel.

DO NOT pass back through campus to get to Ilam Fields – use external roads. 

DO NOT isolate yourself – stay with others. 

REPORT any hazards (fire, hazardous material spill or major structural damage) to UC Security. 

REPORT & TREAT injuries if able and/or safe to do so. 

LOOK FOR Emergency Personnel in HIGH VIZ VESTS if you require assistance. 

MAKE SURE you know the Evacuation Procedures for all buildings/facilities you attend. 

YOU WILL FIND Emergency Procedure Boards in all University Facilities and online. 

IF YOU HAVE TO LEAVE the University, advise a colleague, supervisor or fellow student. Remember that traffic may be congested. 


Note: If a full evacuation has been declared, it may not be possible to return to your building immediately. Plan to keep your keys and wallet on your person at all times. 

In line with UC procedures, campus building checks have been completed.   

Be active and discover what’s happening on campus for Mental Health Awareness Month

Welcome to Week 3 of Mental Health Awareness Month at UC (18-22 September), our theme for this week from the Five Ways of Wellbeing is Me Kori Tonu | Be Active 

Unlock the incredible benefits of physical activity for a happier, healthier you. Studies have shown that when we get moving, our bodies release those amazing “feel-good” hormones endorphins, instantly uplifting our mood and boosting feelings of happiness.  Moreover, engaging in regular physical activity reduces stress and anxiety levels, promoting relaxation and enhancing our mental resilience. Being active doesn’t necessarily mean high intensity workouts, do something that is fun for you whether it is walking, cycling, gardening, dancing or other physical activities. 

This week we have a range of event planed to highlight this theme. We encourage you to get involved with what’s happening on campus.

For more information on what is available click here. 

Follow UC and UCSA for event updates:  

UC Wellbeing Instagram 

UC Facebook 

UC TikTok 

UCSA Facebook 

UCSA Instagram

Email sending issue

Saturday 16 September
Update 10.30am: 
Issue resolved, if you are still experiencing problems please log this through Digital Services.

Multiple services across the University are currently unable to send emails, meaning students and staff will not receive automatic responses from some systems, and emails and notifications from Learn are not sending. Any activity that generates an automatic response logged after 9.30am Friday 15 September is impacted.

Staff and student mailboxes remain unaffected and emails from external email addresses to University addresses are also unaffected.

If you notice services that have been impacted by this issue please log a ticket through the UC Services Portal. The Digital Services team are working with Microsoft to resolve the issue,  updates will continue to be posted here  You can still use the impacted services to log requests.

Since 9.30am this morning, the email services impacted are:

  • Jade/Student Management Systems
  • Learn (automated and push emails to students)
  • Peoplesoft (eg: leave request emails)
  • IT Account Activation emails
  • BEIMs
  • Scan to Me (Printers)
  • Oracle Finance
  • On-premises mailboxes/ servers
  • Departmental mail servers/services
  • Library systems
  • MyUC/OurUC via Firebase
  • MyEquals
  • Assura
  • Onboarder
  • RPA Rosie