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Be A Part of Change – UCount

grey box with red text that says Tel UC what counts to you
Already 1 in 5 students have done the UCount.
1 in 3 postgraduate students have completed the UCPEQ.
Results from these surveys inform decisions across campus!
Will you tell UC what counts to you and be a part of what informs decision-making and change at UC?


Why should you care about participating?

The surveys will ask about learning and teaching (UCount), the research culture in your department and experiences with Supervision (UCPEQ), the student experience outside of the classroom, the Student Levy, and more.

These results can improve the student experience, by driving change within the University.

Here is a chance for students to have the power to make change.

What else is in it for me?

We’re glad you asked! A completed survey before 30 August puts you in the grand prize drawing for a $1,000 Aotearoa NZ Travel Voucher – you can use this for flights, accommodation, experiences, or even a campervan. Go wild!

There’s $1k for UCount and $1k for the UCPEQ.

In addition to the grand prize, each completed survey means you go into the daily prize draws, where you can win double passes to UCSA’s Tea Party, free drinks to Ancestral (hey bubble tea), $10 vouchers to Therapy Cafe, UC Hoodies (valued at $70!), or $50 to the University Book Shop (treat yourself).

Has anyone actually won any daily prizes?

Yes! Since 10 August, 2 students have won double passes to Tea Party, 49 students have won free drinks from Ancestral, 10 students got $10 to the Therapy Café, 2 students have cosy UC hoodies now, and 2 students won $50 to the University Book Shop! AND there are still 56 prizes to give away!

Okay cool, how do I take the survey?

A couple of emails have been sent to your UC email address.

If you don’t have the email, or can’t find it, flick an email and they’ll help you out.

Taking the Pulse of Online Learning

You might notice something new on the landing page in LEARN in the coming weeks. As part of how UC checks in with students, and monitors how online learning is going over time, we are trying something new with a pulse survey.

This means you might occasionally see a question when you log into LEARN; the question might be one you’ve seen before, or it might be a new one. Feel free to answer openly and honestly whenever you feel like it, as responses are totally anonymous.

Here’s an example of what this might look like:

Image is a screenshot of the pulse survey on LEARN's landing page.

If you have any questions, please contact Learning Evaluation & Academic Development at