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UC Student Blogger | Equality at UC – Finding your Place

All students at UC are entitled to be viewed equally. There should be no question in this. If you or someone else you know experience inequality, then you should never be hesitant to reach out. As a community we need to take care of one another, so don’t let any form of bullying or harassment happen without reaching out for assistance.

Uni is a place where you can meet different people and make new connections, and UC is committed to creating a diverse environment that is packed full of differing cultures, religions and beliefs. Each and every person within the UC community should be free to express their beliefs and should be respectful of others. 

UC provides equal support and opportunities, and there is no reason to deprive any individual student, or specific group of students, from any opportunity. If you experience any form of harassment, bullying or discrimination, please do not hesitate to raise your concerns – if you need support, you can get in touch with the Equity and Wellbeing Advisory Group. They will be able to assist you with any question or complaint you may have now or in the future. Of course the UCSA will always be willing to listen to problems you may be encountering in your time at UC.

Equality and wellbeing at UC does not need to fit into any one category, but there are a few specialist areas that could be of assistance at one time or another. These include: 

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UC Student Blogger | Staying Safe on Campus

“If you were unsure if winter had arrived yet, these past few weeks of heavy rain and temperatures to rival your fridge have put that question to bed. So pull on a hoodie and dust off the heater—it’s time again to plan for a healthy and safe winter.

Staying Safe on Campus 

 – Whether you are going to the Health Centre, the RecCentre, or your next lecture, make sure you stay safe while commuting. Take care when using a vehicle in winter weather, when visibility can be reduced and surfaces may be slippery. If cycling, use high visibility clothing and fit a light to your bicycle for those early sunsets.

 – Think First: be careful around Ilam Road and other busy thoroughfares at peak times. Take care near construction projects around the UC campus. Look after yourself and your mates by using well-lit walkways around campus. If you see a hazard, report it to Security by calling 0800 823 637.

Winter Wellness 

 – The UC RecCentre is open and is a great way to keep fit. Physical activity is associated with many benefits including improved cognition, reduced stress and anxiety, and a boost for your immune system—just what winter calls for! Gym membership is part of your student levy, so joining is straightforward. The RecCentre also runs social sport competitions and free beginner programmes for gym newbies, so this winter there is no excuse!

 – The UC Health Centre remains open and is here to support you. Bookings can be made over the phone.

 – Finally, keeping well in winter is also about keeping warm and dry. Condensation on windows and dampness on walls is exacerbated by indoor humidity, from sources such as drying clothes indoors, boiling water and taking showers without good ventilation, and even moisture from our own bodies! Dry clothes outside of the home when possible. Make sure air is ventilated and does not go stale in rooms, or invest in a dehumidifier (some heat pumps have this function built in). If you need to buy a heater, make sure to consider the different types of heater and their energy use. EnergyWise has a guide on how to save power and choose the right heater for your space. Good insulation is also important in a home. If you are concerned about the insulation in your rental, see the Tenancy Services portal for advice on what standards your landlord must be meeting under New Zealand law.

Despite the winter weather, Semester 2 brings back some normality! Let’s keep going strong by taking extra good care of ourselves and each other this winter.”

UC Student Blogger | Winter Wellness – Staying Healthy and Well

With shorter days and colder weather, staying healthy in winter can be hard. Exercise and a balanced diet can give way to warm nights spent inside on the sofa eating comfort food. This can seem appealing but being less active can increase your risk of getting ill and lowers your mood. One of our UC student bloggers takes a look at what you can do to stay healthy and well over the winter months. 

“With Covid-19 leading the news every day, people are more aware of catching nasty germs and becoming sick. Luckily there are many things you can do to boost your immune system and stay healthy this winter.

Eat a balanced diet
In the winter, it is tempting to eat stodgier comfort foods but it is important to stock up on plenty of fruit and vegetables. This ensures your body gets all of the vitamins and minerals it needs to keep your immune system functioning. Fresh produce is pricier in the winter, which can be challenging on a student budget. Frozen or canned fruits and vegetables are more affordable while still offering the same health benefits.

Although the cold weather and short days really decrease motivation, exercise actually helps to build your immune system. Get out into the sunshine and breathe in some fresh air. Even a short walk around the block is helpful.

Open windows
Living in a cold, damp flat can make you sick. Open windows and air out the house for a short time everyday, especially when cooking or showering. This will decrease dampness and mould, and make the house easier to heat.

Schedule down time and get plenty of sleep
Lack of sleep and stress make you more susceptible to illnesses. Getting a good night’s sleep allows your body to recover and fend off infection, while time spent relaxing and doing activities you enjoy will help you feel less stressed. If you feel overwhelmed with study, try planning your week ahead and include time for leisure.

As Jacinda loves to say, wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands!
Simple soap and water can kill any viruses you may have picked up. Wash your hands before eating, and preparing food especially if you are in a public place like Uni. 

Stay home if you are sick
Staying away from others when you are unwell is the best defence against spreading illnesses. Reach out to classmates or lecturers if you need any help when you are sick at home.”

Make the most of the wellbeing support services here for you at UC: