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Activate your RecCentre gym membership right NOW!

Did you know you have free access to the RecCentre gym as part of your levy?   Well, now you know!   You’re just a few short steps away from amping up your health and wellness.

RecCentre – more than just a gym!

The RecCentre has all the traditional stuff a gym has – modern cardio and weights for example. But did you know that we also have….

  • Over 50 FREE group fitness classes per week, with something to suit everyone?
  • A bouldering wall (check out the climbing club for climbing nights)
  • Social sport leagues for Futsal, Basketball, Volleyball and Netball*
  • Sport courts, including squash & pickleball that you can use for free before 3pm
  • Free equipment hire
  • A boxing room, functional training room, women’s only gym area and a stretching/yoga room away from it all
  • Massage chairs, hairdryers and straighteners for after your shower

All of this is FREE with your membership – except social sport leagues, they have a small team fee, and court bookings after 3pm.

You can even get discounted massage and personal training if you’re feeling boujee.

How to get your membership activated
  1. Head to our website now and click the link to register, following all the instructions (use your UC student email, or it won’t work)
  2. Visit your app store and download our app 
  3. Then, wander over with your UC Student ID card and we’ll activate your card at the desk, so that you can come in whenever you like

Then explore the app, and book into classes, discovery sessions and more! Read this blog on the different ways to get started with us at the gym.

Stay or get fit with us, your friends and hall buddies. Your body and brain will thank you for it!

Ngā mihi
UC Rec&Sport | Te Ratonga Hākinakina



Think first – cycling in winter

Cycling can be a great way to travel to UC. However, with reduced daylight hours and wet weather, there are a few things you can do to ensure that you and your bike are prepared for riding this winter season.  

Check out our safety tips and stay light, bright and on your bike this winter! 

Ride to the conditions  

  • Wet weather makes surfacesslippery.  
  • Bewareof road markings, manhole covers and leaves – try to avoid braking or turning sharply as you cross them.  
  • Ride slowerin wet conditions to keep control.  
  • Watchyour following distances.  
  • Maintain a good road position anddon’t ride in the gutter. 
  • Always watch for cars, other cyclists and pedestrians.   

Use the right gear and equipment  

  • Gloves help you maintain a good grip in cold and wet conditions.  
  • Rain jackets – make sure your jacket won’t get caught in the chain or other moving parts.  
  • Mudguards can help keep you clean (and a little drier) on wet roads.   
  • Lights…and a reflective vest  

Look after your bike   

  • Check your brakes work well, as they can wear down quicker in wet and dirty conditions.  
  • No matter where you leave it, always lock it. We recommend using a good quality D-Lock to deter potential thieves.  
  • Does your bike need some winter TLC to get it road ready? Bring it along to Dr Bike, our free weekly bike service, outside C Block lawn on Thursday afternoons from 1pm – 2.30pm.   

Discover the RecCentre

Are you one of those people who gets a gym membership and then never goes?  Kudos for getting your gym membership sorted first of all, now how about we show you how to get started?

Getting started is the hardest part
  • Time is one of the hugest barriers to exercise.  Once you acknowledge how important exercise is to your mental and physical health, it’s essential you make the time!  Even a 30min brisk walk daily is great, but setting aside some dedicated you time at the gym will take you that extra mile
  • Cost is recognised as the next barrier to break through.  Luckily for you, your student levy covers the cost of your RecCentre membership, where you can access a fully equipped gym  at your fingertips without shelling out any more pesos.
  • The next big barrier is knowing what to do.   We’ve got you covered.  The RecCentre offers a range of ways for you to get started at the gym at little or no cost.

Five ways to get started at the RecCentre

First of all, sign up online for your membership AND then download the Rec&Sport App.    Once you’ve done that, here’s how we can help:

  1. Exercise at home with the Rec&Sport app 
    Inside the app you can head to the workouts tab and there you can find and follow sessions, routines, programmes and classes in the comfort of your own home with exciting names like Core Explosion, Core Quest, Twist & Tone and Bottoms up.
  2. Book into Discover the Gym
    Ideal for first timers – learn how to use the app, the basics of using the machines and get a tour of the gym if you need one.   Book via the app – you’ll find them in the Book Classes section.

3. Book into other Discovery Sessions 
Discover Lifting – learn the basics of lifting (the foundational lifts)
Discover SkillX, Discover Yoga, Discover Spin – shorter length, entry level classes at a less intense pace, slowing down to teach technique

4. Book into a Group Fitness Class 
Our classes are all levels – just make sure you let the instructor know if it’s your first time so they can get you set up right.   You’re always in charge of your body and your workout, so you can rest when you need to and push when you can!      Hot tip though – if you’re interested in Step, please try Step Basic first!

5.  Book an Exercise Consultation or PT Session 
These do have a cost, but we keep it as low as we can for students.  Sit down and chat with a fitness professional and have a programme made just for you, based on your experience, goals and preferences.