The Art of Science competition 2022


UC Arts and UC Science once again joined forces to run our Art of Science competition. Students from Year 5 to 13 were invited to submit their original artwork, and we were treated over 100 fantastic entries.

Winning entries 2022

The competition was held under three school year categories: Apprentices (Year 5-7), Interns (Year 8-10) and Masters (Year 11-13). Check out the winning entries below.

Winners: Apprentices (Year 5 to 7)

1st place: Sam Tianlan Kennedy

“My work is a drawing of evolution, covering everything chronologically from The Big Bang to the Quaternary Era.”

2nd  place: Olivia Zhou

“This piece of artwork imagines how the solar system moves to the rhythm of music. I like to think that everyone who loves music is part of the grand solar system orchestra.”

3rd  place: Ethan Qin

“The artwork is about healthy stuff and unhealthy stuff for your body. I want people to be aware of things you put into your body.”

Top 10* Apprentices

Top 10*
Cathy Yu
Wenfei Jiang
Mishika Chawla
Emma Robb
Grace Li
Kate Young
Jessica Gearry
Ryan Teng

* With so many great entries, some entries were tied among the Apprentice Top 10 winners.

Winners: Interns (Year 8 to 10)

1st Place: Hayley Liu
“Together, we can create a better future and inspire others through teaching Science in classroom”

2nd Place: Emma McLaughlin
“From the discovery of cells to the invention of the LED, this artwork shows some of the most significant events in science history, and how they shape who we are today. It’s in our DNA to explore the world, investigate and tinker!”

3rd Place: Cheryl Teng
“”A fly sees the world”–It represent a common household pet, a fly, gazing at a family’s living room with 360 degree view.”

Top 10 Interns

Top 10
Danielle Wu
Ethan Zixin Arnold
Hannah Zhou
James Francis Green
Mary Meredith
Eliana Brown
Nishanth Manjunath

Winners: Masters (Year 11 to 13)

1st Place: Alisha Roberts
“While clearing out the science back room my teacher came across some old anatomical prints from the late 60’s and 70’s. She thought it would be great for me to recreate some to hang up in the lab. One image I found of interest was what I have entered, but I have added my own personal style in my love for anatomy and art.”

2nd Place: Rachael Rajikumer
“… I have chosen to illustrate my thoughts on movable tectonic animals, “geo-walkers” that carry islands on their backs. This concept has inspired my growing interest in geology, earth and space and environmental sciences.”

3rd Place: Aarya Advilkar
“It’s a tensegrity structure inspired by table tennis elements. Tensegrity structures have always fascinated me as they were strong structures only held together by the tension between strings (the yellow lines in the pictures), providing both upwards and downwards forces to hold the two pieces apart.”

Winners Top 10

Top 10
Shinah Kim
Milly Liu
Helen Thai
Malinda Guan
Erika Ramirez
Jessica Walton
Alia Waziri

Congratulations to all the wonderful artists and thank you for bringing us joy and wonder at the art of science!