Linking Ako researchers through connection to place at Onuku Marae

It had been a crazy Covid year and we were all pretty washed out; we needed to reignite our passion for Ako (teaching and learning). As a cluster, we represent multiple colleges and community/school partners. We are a relatively new as a group of researchers from all over UC and Waitaha, with a shared goal of researching innovative place-based...

What happens inside volcanoes?

Volcanoes are one of the most fascinating features on the surface of the Earth. We have come a long way from the time when Jules Verne fantasized about travelling through volcano tubes in his book “Journey to the Centre of The Earth”. However, the plumbing system of volcanoes still remain a mystery. Human civilization has neither the knowledge nor...

The not-so-obvious choices

It is often said that pursuing a PhD is a matter of choice, and I couldn’t agree more. It has almost been a year since I started my second doctoral degree at the University of Canterbury. Whenever I have been asked how far along I am in my PhD journey and responded with 1st year of my second PhD,...

Geology rocks under a virtual microscope

The GEOL242 lab goes online with a kaleidoscopic new interactive learning experience.

The Waiho river: disaster central

Waiho river, Franz Josef glacier
Because of its natural environment, the Waiho river in Westland has been increasing in elevation since the mid 20th century. What risks does it present to the Franz Josef Glacier township nearby? Professor Tim Davies examines the geomorphological challenges presented by this unique Westland river.
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