Dr Spider appears on More Fm

    Dr Spider holds spider and smiles at camera

    Dr. Spider, aka Fiona Cross, made an appearance on More FM, opening up about her journey into the world of spiders and why you have seen more of them in your home recently 🎙️🕸️

    Did you know spiders slow down in colder conditions? She discusses how as the temperature drops, spiders seek refuge indoors, searching for dark spots to escape predators and the cold until the spring and with the chilly conditions we have had in Canterbury recently, It’s no wonder people are spotting more spiders seeking shelter in the warmth. 🏠❄️

    Remember, while many people may be wary of them, spiders play a vital role in our ecosystem. If you encounter them, consider appreciating them from a distance. They play an important part in controlling the pests around our homes.🕷️🌟

    Listen to the full clip