Thriving Emptiness

A poem by Amy Woermann, Hornby High School, one of the Top 10 entries in the Masters category (Year 11-13) of The Art of Science Competition 2020.

When you close your eyes there is nothing but darkness.
Moments transcend darkness into endless glitterings of light.
Your mind has the power to take you far beyond this galaxy.
A sprinkle of imagination exposes the universe.

Gravitational waves thump, nebulae dance.
Stars are born into the abyss,
While others explode into light for one last breath.
The weightless cosmos consumes my body.
Beauty penetrates deep within my soul.

My fibre, my being, insignificant and small,
A unique part of this magic.

Breathless, I drift into an asteroid airstrip,
So dangerous yet even this highway of rocks is captivating.
They represent the new worlds to be explored.
They bear stunning secrets we may never discover.

Our universe, vast beyond comprehension,
It’s unfeigned nature never quite revealed.
But in the eternal emptiness there is immeasurably more.

Tiny particles most will never see nor understand,
Fragments of atoms seen only by the lucky few.
Behaviours imaginable in the minds most far fetching,
Waves as particles and particles as waves.
The harmony of creation and annihilation.

Boundless mysteries to be explored.
But in this endless cavern of celestial life,
Will I ever find true answers?