Health and Safety on campus

UC is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all students. To make sure you feel safe on campus, here are a few things to remember:

Look up:

Whether you’re a pedestrian, cyclist or skateboarder, it is important to be aware of what’s happening around you. Look out for others when travelling through campus to make sure you are not putting others at risk. 

 No smoking or vaping on campus:  

UC is a smokefree campus, meaning you cannot smoke cigarettes or vape on campus grounds, in or near any UC buildings or at any field stations. By respecting the smokefree policy we can all enjoy a healthier place to study, work, socialise and live. 

Do you know where the Emergency Procedures are located around your lectures?  

All departments have an Emergency Procedures flip chart outlining what to do in different types of emergencies. The flip charts are on display throughout the University and can be found in all lecture theatres. A PDF version of each page can be found on the UC website Emergency Procedures page.


We need your help to keep our campus safe. If you see something unsafe or get injured while on campus, it is super easy to let us know. Assura is our easy to use health and safety reporting system. Reporting through Assura will increase our visibility of hazards, so we can correct any issues and make UC safer. Health and safety is all of our responsibility, and by working together we can protect our community. More information on reporting an incident or hazard can be found on the UC website Report an Incident page.

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