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Updated – Space Audit inside your study spaces

As a reminder, over the next two weeks a space audit will be taking place on weekdays from Monday 11 MarchFriday 22 March, between 9.00am – 5.30pm.

Thirty surveyors wearing hi-vis ‘Facilities Management’ vests will be entering UC’s working, learning and common spaces to perform a head count.

Spaces not being surveyed include:

  • Haere-roa
  • Externally leased spaces (e.g cafes, Alice Candy)
  • Unoccupied buildings (e.g., Pūtaiao Koiora)
  • Non-habitable spaces like sheds, workshops, or storage spaces
  • Outdoor spaces

The space audit dates are as follows:

Week 1: 11 – 15 March

·         Chemical & Process Engineering Wing

·         Civil and Natural Resources Wing

·         Civil/ Mechanical Building

·         E8 & E9 Lectures

·         Electrical and Computer Engineering Wing

·         Elsie Locke

·         Engineering Link

·         EPS Library

·         Fine Arts Blocks

·         Forestry


·         Forestry Admin

·         Forestry Workshop

·         Jack Erskine

·         James Logie

·         John Britten

·         Macmillan Brown Library

·         Matariki

·         Mechanical Engineering Wing

·         Okeover

·         Puaka-James Hight Library

·         Rātā (Engineering Core)

·         Te Ao Mārama Buildings


Week 2: 18 – 22 March

·         Angus Tait

·         Ann Ballin

·         Beatrice Tinsley

·         Central Lectures

·         Ernest Rutherford

·         Facilities Management

·         Health Centre

·         Houses (Creyke Road & Kirkwood Ave)

·         ICT Services        

·         Jane Soons

·         Julius von Haast


·         Karl Popper

·         Len Lye

·         Meremere

·         North Arts Lectures

·         Psychology/ Sociology

·         Recreation Centre

·         Rehua

·         South Arts Lectures

·         University Bookshop

·         Warehouse/K1

·         West Building


Please be aware that surveyors cannot always observe through windows or doors, so they will sometimes need to enter spaces (e.g lecture theatres and offices with solid doors) to get an accurate count.

You can support the space audit by:

  • Opening your office blinds or taking down anything obscuring windows into corridors so surveyors can see in without having to knock on your door.
  • Leaving your door ajar if your office doesn’t have windows, where appropriate.
  • Setting a reminder so that you are aware that the audit is underway.
  • Being patient and friendly with our surveyors as they perform this work.

Key building contacts have been contacted directly by email prior to this notification.

Please pass this information on to your colleagues/teams and if you have any questions, reach out to the Space Management team through or

We thank you for your consideration as we perform this required work.


Ngā mihi,

Te Ratonga Whakahaere Paenga | Facilities Management

Check your flat’s bathroom heater

If you live in a student flat or at home, please check your home’s bathroom heater because WorkSafe have prohibited the Serene Classic S2068 wall-mounted bathroom heaters.  

WorkSafe and UC advise students to contact your landlord if you discover these units within your flat.

Landlords/homeowners should then arrange for these units to be isolated and removed by a qualified electrical worker.

See the Serene S2068 heater below:   

We encourage you to share this information with friends and whānau.  

More information

Resolved / P1 Email sending issue

8.25pm Friday 1 March 2024

Issue resolved.

Testing and confirmation of LEARN and other key UC systems emails have been delivered successfully.

4.00pm Friday 1 March 2024  

Along with LEARN, further systems unable to send emails and being impacted are; 

  • Scan-to-me (preventing scanning to email)  
  • Medtech Gateway (preventing emailing of pharmacy scripts from Health Centre) 

We will keep you updated.  

12.15pm Friday 1 March 2024  

A number of UC Systems including LEARN are currently unable to send emails.  

Digital Services are working to resolve the issue.