Not another COVID eviction story – contested spaces in Christchurch Central City

Tarāpuka adult and nestling at the Armagh St. colony, 2019. Quintessential Christchurch: rubble and road cones
Since 2019, a colony of Tarāpuka|black-billed gulls  – not only critically endangered, but the most endangered gulls in the world -  have taken up residence in the broken remains of an Armagh St. building left to ruins in the Christchurch CBD post-earthquakes. Current plans for the site are to develop a new Catholic Cathedral, and as such, the gulls...

Vote for Bringing Back the Birds in Ngel Nyaki Forest Reserve

Click here to visit and vote for Bringing Back the Birds Ngel Nyaki Forest Reserve, an important bird area, sits on the Nigerian/Cameroon border among the rolling hills and grassland of the Mambilla Plateau. It is one of only a few remaining stands of montane forest, and harbours rich and unique biodiversity including species new to science and endangered...

Challenging climate change: why do we care?

Since the two of us were children, climate change and the destruction of our natural world have been in the collective psyche of the developed world. We grew up being told that aerosols were making a hole in the ozone, we should avoid driving too much, and that the items we buy these days are covered in far too...