Tāroia | UC Global Exchange Programme

It’s not too late to think about going on exchange in Semester 2 2024!

The main application round for Semester 2 2024 UC Global Exchange applications was in September 2023. However, applications are still open for some partner universities.   For most of these universities you will need to apply to UC for selection no later than 18 February 2024 for a Semester 2 2024 exchange to allow time for the UC selection process prior to the partner university deadline. A few universities may have later deadlines – please check with the UC International Relationships office. Applications for exchanges in Semester 2 2024 will be actioned on a rolling basis as they come in. If there are limited places available at a particular partner university, places will be allocated to successful applicants on a “first come first served” basis. You are therefore advised to submit an application immediately for exchanges in Semester 2 2024.

Note that some of the partner universities are closed already and we have listed them on the UC Global Exchange website. As we process applications on a first-in-first-served basis, there may be other partner universities that will be closed on a rolling basis. If the universities that you are interested in are not listed on the website above, please contact us at ucmobility@canterbury.ac.nz to check on place availability and required timeframe before applying.

Note: whether we are able to accept late applications or not will be subject to availability of places and the required application timeframe or deadlines at UC and the partner universities you wish to apply for.

Image: Ellie Barrett, completed an Exchange to the University of Copenhagen.

What’s great about a UC Global Exchange?

  • Pay tuition fees to UC, get an international experience
  • Travel and see new places
  • Credits applied to your UC degree (subject to approvals from appropriate departments and Faculties)
  • Enhance your CV with demonstrable international engagement.

Tāroia | UC’s Global Exchange programme gives you the unique opportunity to study at one of UC’s partner universities worldwide, as part of your UC degree.

The great thing about UC Global Exchange is that you pay your tuition fees to UC and not the partner university, and you can choose to study at some amazing locations around the world, ranging from Denmark, France, to the UK, USA, Spain, Japan, and many more.
Note: UC Global Exchange programme is subject to UC Travel Policy, risk assessments and COVID-19 restrictions.

UC Global Exchange in 2025
If you are thinking of going on exchange in 2025, now is a good time to start doing some research. Note that some universities such as (but not limited to), University of British Columbia, Queen’s University (Arts and Science) have an early application deadline of 1 February 2024 for exchange applications for Semester 1 2025.

We will be running UC Global Exchange Information Seminars and Drop-in sessions in Semester 1 2024. Please check the website above at the beginning of the 2024 academic year for the schedule of these events and the application deadlines.

We look forward to receiving your UC Global Exchange application!

International Mobility Team
International Relationships Office
University of Canterbury

Phone: +64 (3) 369 3876
Email: ucmobility@canterbury.ac.nz

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