Tree removal works

Okeover Lawn, corner University Drive and Ilam Road

Multiple branch failures have been observed on a Maritime Pine tree, posing potential risks. The tree makes up part of a cluster of trees along the Ilam Road footpath and the diagonal path running from University Drive to Science Road.

A report from UC’s consultant arborist advocated for the removal of the entire group of 15 trees, to mitigate potential risks and ensure the safety of individuals using these paths:

  • Removing only the identified tree is not a feasible option due to the interconnected nature of the group;
  • These trees form a cohesive mass that mutually support each other, particularly in high wind events. The risk of further branch failures and an increased number of falling pinecones has risen potentially, posing a threat to safety;
  • The root structures of these trees have damaged the footpath, creating trip hazards under the asphalt.

Removal of the trees commenced earlier in the week, with remaining logs being removed by this coming Monday 22 January. In late March 2024 these trees will be replaced with dense planting of native trees Podocarpus Totara, Matai, Kahikatea and Plagianthus, extending the water way restoration enhancement plantings.


Dead Lime tree removal, Science Road/Engineering Road

The Grounds team have been monitoring the deteriorating condition of a significant Lime tree at the corner of Science Road and Engineering Road. The team, in collaboration with an arborist, determined that the tree is now deceased. Recognising the potential risks associated with dead trees, especially their susceptibility to decay, the decision has been made to remove it promptly to proactively minimise any risks to people or property.

An arborist has been scheduled to remove the tree tomorrow, Friday 19 January. The footpath along Science Road will be closed, and pedestrians redirected to ensure their safety.

Planting of replacement trees will take place in late March 2024. What they will be has yet to be decided.

Please contact if you have any further questions or concerns.

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