Are you finishing your studies at UC? Stay connected at the UC RecCentre

Even though your studies at UC may be finishing, your journey with us doesn’t have to end!     The RecCentre welcomes members from the community, and we also give UC alumni a Friends of UC discounted rate. 

If you aren’t returning to study in 2024, all undergraduate UC 2023 memberships will expire on the 5th of March, so you won’t’ be able to access our service without a new membership. If you’d like to keep using the gym you’ve come to know and love with your mates, you can buy a membership, like you would any other gym.

(If you are re-enrolled for 2024, you don’t have to do anything – your membership stays active).  

Friends of UC Memberships 

If you’re graduating, you can choose a Friends of UC Membership, in either 3 or 12mths.   We also offer off-peak memberships if you think you’ll only come in before 3pm. 

Community Memberships 

If you’re taking a break or not returning to UC, but not graduating either, then you can grab a community membership.  These are also available in 3 or 12mth terms, and an off-peak option is available as well. 

All membership types have a one-off joining fee of $49, which includes a starter pack to help you in the next phase of your wellness journey.  

One- time offer for your first non-student membership with us 

We’d love to see you continue with us at the RecCentre, where you can keep coming with your friends and doing the classes you love.  To help your transition from student to working life, we’d like to offer you a great deal:

Buy 3 months from us, and we’ll give you 3 months additional for free.  

We’ll keep this offer open to you for all of March, so you have plenty of time to look at your options and make the right decision for you. 

Ngā mihi
UC Rec&Sport | Te Ratonga Hākinakina 


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