Student getting help from an instructor on how to use the leg press machine at the UC RecCentre

New term, new you! Get your free gym membership sorted today

Congratulations on completing your first term at Uni, now that you’ve got that under your belt, it’s a great time to establish some new routines that support your wellbeing for the rest of the year. Read on to find out how to get your free gym membership to do just that.

Get moving 

If you’re not already moving for your health, all it takes is a small commitment of 20mins a day to start.   After a while, you may just feel better physically and mentally.  That improved ease of movement might just motivate you to increase that after a while (but no rush!)  

Use the gym – or don’t!

It doesn’t matter how you choose to move, as long as you do!   Getting outdoors for a walk, using the pool, or heading the RecCentre to play sport or use the gym or classes, all of it will help. 

Your RecCentre membership is FREE for UC students 

Ok, so technically you’ve paid for it via your student levy, but what we want you to understand is that you don’t have give us any more money to use the gym or group fitness classes.  The basics are all included, so you can get started anytime.  So, why pay for a gym membership in town, when all you have to do is head to our website and register.   

Once you’ve done that, head over to the gym and explore.  Bring your student ID card, that’s your membership card now as well.  

You’ll also be prompted to download the Rec&Sport app (we’ll send you emails once you’ve registered).  Definitely do that as well – this is how you’ll book into our excellent free group classes (like yoga, SkillX, Pilates and more), grab free gym programmes and virtual workouts to follow at home or in the gym.  

See you soon!  
Ngā mihi
Te Ratonga Hākinakina | UC Rec&Sport 

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