Planned lift outages 5 – 7 June

Selected lifts across UC’s Ilam Campus will be temporarily out of service between Wednesday 5 June and Friday 7 June for inspections.

There will be a short outage of 30-45 minutes for each lift while the inspection is carried out.

The schedule is as follows:

Wednesday 5 June 2024
Forestry Lift 36
Geography Psychology Lift 46
Geography Psychology Lift 47
Angus Tait Lift 67
Otakaro Lift 64
Civil Mechanical Lift 31
Civil Mechanical Lift 32
Electrical Link Lift 28
Macmillan Brown Lift 37
Macmillan Brown Lift 38
Matariki Lift 19
Matariki Lift 20

Thursday 6 June 2024
ICT Lift 25
Henry Field Lift 55
College of English Lift 50
Locke Lift 22
Locke Lift 23
Wheki Lift 53
Wheki Lift 54
Uni Halls Lift 39
Ilam Flats Lift 42
West Lift 3
West Lift 4
West Lift 5
West Lift 6
West Lift 7

Friday 7 June 2024
Kowhai Lift 43
Kowhai Lift 6
Ilam flats Lift 43
Ilam flats Lift 44
Ilam flats Lift 45
Jack Erskine Lift 40
Jack Erskine Lift 41
Engineering Library Lift 62
Julius Von Haast Lift 1
Julius Von Haast Lift 3

For the period of an inspection, please use an alternative lift or stairwell where available. For those unable to use the stairs, please follow the temporary works instructions notice on the lift to contact the technician on site for assistance.

Please follow usual evacuation procedures in the event of an emergency.

Please direct any enquiries to

Thank you for your patience as we carry out these required works.


Ngā mihi,

Facilities Management Team

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