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Christmas Hours at the UC RecCentre, what’s new in 2023, and a very heartfelt thanks


As we come to the end of 2022, we would like to remind you that as a UC Student,  you can enjoy continued access to the RecCentre over summer, until 1st March, 2023*.

To continue to access the gym, you’ll need to re-register.  It’s online and takes only a minute or so.   Then, on your first visit, we need to activate your card for the new tap and go access, and this takes just a jiffy.

Christmas Hours

Last day for 2022:  Wednesday 21 December, 9pm
Opening day for 2023:  Wednesday 4 January, 6am
Group Fitness classes:  Check and book via the app

Along with the rest of UC, we also close for two weeks.  This is so we can all take a solid break to spend time with family and friends, and to rest and restore our hearts, minds and bodies.   We also rely on and collaborate with many other departments and staff in the university, whose māhi enable us to do what we do.   Without them, we simply cannot operate all of the services we do, and maintain a safe facility for you.   A big thankyou to all those teams.

New stuff for 2023

With life returning to somewhat normal, we will see the return of our Group Fitness Challenge,  a new and improved spin studio (including a new suite of bikes with metrics), and a complete refresh of all new  connected Technogym Cardio equipment.  So exciting!

Got suggestions?

We would love to know how we can help YOU, your friends and whānau be more physically active, either at home, on campus or at the gym.    If you’ve got a great idea that you think might help get more people active,  please have a chat to us or drop us an email.  

Thankyou for your ongoing support

We realise that even though your membership is student levy funded, you do still have the choice to go elsewhere.  We are super glad that so many of you  signed up and came to the gym (no matter how many times).  It shows good intentions to look after your own wellbeing.  Ka pai!

We know we’ve had a few disruptions this year – RecLITE, new software, new gates etc.  We really appreciate the patience everyone showed with our staff and other members, as we all continue to learn a whole new software and ways of doing things.   There’s more great stuff to come, so watch this space!

Ngā mihi and meri kirihimete!
UC Rec&Sport | Te Ratonga Hākinakina

* All UC Students who have paid full year levy (ie Sem 1 and Sem 2) will have access until March 1, 2023.   Sem 1 only student memberships expired at the end of Sem 1.   Some postgrad enrolments have also expired.  Talk to us if you are not sure, or the system doesn’t allow you to join.

Free Spin and FIT50 at the RecCentre until the end of 2022!

Are you ready for your next physical challenge?  Why not try our Spin and FIT50 classes – FREE until the end of the year for RecCentre members (usually, it’s $3)  

Just like F45 but save your dollars for your holidays  

FIT50 is Functional Interval Training for 50mins.  It’s a hard core circuit and HIIT style class, but you modify as you need (we’ll do our best to push you for more).   Check out our wee video online .   The room has changed a bit since we made it, but you get the idea.   We limit our classes to 12 people in our FunZone for a sweat sesh like no other.   Think…kettlebells, ski erg, jump boxes, battle ropes, assault bike and more.   Suitable for all levels, as long as you bring your best effort!   We got you. 

Book in via the app, and visit reception to check-in.  We’ll loan you a towel (you’ll need it).  Arrive a little early, like 5-10mins, and we’ll set you up with a HR monitor if you don’t have your own, and connect you to the big screen.  That keeps you accountable!   Why pay the big bucks in the boutique gyms, when you can get (much) the same workout for free? 

Three people at spin class at the RecCentre

You SPIN me right round baby, right round, like a record player… 

What can we say about SPIN? What a class!  Be entertained, motivated and dragged along the imaginary roads for 50mins (45min at lunchtime).   Our instructors pick some (mostly) great tunes, a few questionable ones, and put some great moves to it, all on the bike.  It’s low impact, which means it’s great for the joints.  Because you control the resistance and the speed of your own legs, you can take it easy or go hard.     It’s also dark.   With party lights.   Hit the back row if you prefer not to be seen.  Ooh, and wear white or flouro, cause you’ll glow! 

We have 24 bikes, so book in via the app, and visit the reception to check-in.  We’ll loan you a towel and token for entry.  If it’s your first class, arrive early (like 5-10mins) so we can set you up on the bike correctly.  It’s not fun for the muscles and joints if your bike doesn’t ‘fit’ properly.  

Friendly and qualified staff delivering you an exceptional exercise experience! 

Rest assured, you are in safe hands.  All of our instructors have exercise qualifications, or are closely supervised whilst they are obtaining them in training.  We have years of experience as well, with some of our teachers clocking up more than 25years experience each and presenting at national conferences and training workshops. We even have an award winning NZ Group Fitness Instructor of the Year in our ranks.  

If you’ve got any questions, just ask our team or flick us an email.  Or better yet, take the plunge and we’ll see you in the gym this side of Christmas! 

Ngā mihi
UC Rec&Sport | Te Ratonga Hākinakina