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Group exercise classes big and small – we’ve got something for everyone!

Are you ready to try something new and fun?  The UC RecCentre offers 17 different exercise classes, so we really do have something to suit everyone, whether you like the gym or like to dance! Head to our group fitness pages to read up (or watch a video) on each class style.  Better yet, be brave and book into class using the app and see how it goes!   All of these classes are FREE with your study levy funded membership.  Sign up for yours now! 

View of back of the instructor teaching a pump class at the UC RecCentre

Circuit/Interval Style Group Classes

Circuits and intervals require no rhythm or musical ability, just the willingness to put your best effort in. Our instructors will provide options for each exercise, to ensure you can safely do the class AND get your intensity up to the level you want it to be at.   These classes will give you both a muscle and cardio workout in one.

Traditional Muscle conditioning Classes

Don’t want to get too puffed on your first outing?  Fair enough.  These classes focus on the muscle work, so whilst you’ll get a healthy rise in heart rate, it’s more the muscle burn you’ll feel.  With no prior experience or co-ordination needed, these are great ways to get started!

Cardio Workouts

Ready to get your heart rate up and build your cardiovascular fitness?  Whether you like to dance or just work hard, we’ve got you covered!


Our mindbody classes will not only help you unwind and de-stress, you’ll also get some great strength, mobility and flexibility from these exercise styles

So what’s holding you back!   Let us do the thinking for you, just book in, turn up and move your way to healthier your this year!

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Te Ratonga Hākinakina | UC Rec&Sport



How much does the gym cost? Pay nothing more for the UC gym!

Did you know that the UC RecCentre is right here on campus, and it’s yours to use whilst you are a student?  Technically it’s not free, because your student levy pays for it, but you don’t have to hand over any more money for the basics, so that’s kind of free, right? 

Student getting help from an instructor on how to use the leg press machine at the UC RecCentre

What does a gym membership cost?

Gyms in the area can range from $6.95 per week for a big box gym for weights and cardio only (like CityFitness) through to $60 a week or more, for a boutique class only gym (like F45) or fancy gyms like IHF. When making your decision about joining a gym, cost is usually the main consideration. The RecCentre is a gem on campus, offering both boutique style classes in our Skill X programme AND large-scale fitness classes in our group fitness programme. You can also do weights, cardio, climb walls and play sport at our place too.  And it costs you nothing more to join.  You just have to register ONCE during your time as a student for unlimited access. 

How to join 
  1. Register online using your student email.  This will be if you’re undergraduate or if you’re a postgraduate. 
  2. Get the app.  Almost everything is booked via the app, plus you get access to free gym programmes and ondemand workouts to do at home or at the gym anytime, anywhere!
  3. Come down and have a look!  On your first visit, we’ll take your photo and activate your student ID card (you need to bring it with you every visit – it’s how you’ll get past the gates).
  4.   You can book a Discover the gym session via the app, for a guided tour with a small group, or try one of the other discovery sessions available if you don’t want to dive right in!

As with any tech, there are sometimes issues to get going.  If you have any problems getting your membership sorted, then visit our troubleshooting page. Still no luck? Visit our team at reception and we’ll get you going. Just bring your Student ID Card and we’ll sign you in for your workout while we figure it out. 

Stay on top of your wellbeing this year by finding a great balance, including some healthy exercise that you enjoy.  See you soon! 

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Te Ratonga Hākinakina | UC Rec&Sport 

Calling all runners and wannabe runners!

Have you ever wanted to complete your first half-marathon?  Or maybe run your first half in Canterbury?  Maybe your goal is to get a new PB?   We’ve got an excellent training programme to help you reach those goals!

Male runners in Dunedin half marathon

Run Canterbury

Run Canterbury is an established group of UC Students, Staff and RecCentre members who share a passion for running or a goal to complete a half-marathon.    Sometimes it’s hard to know how much to run or how fast to run when preparing for an event you’ve never tried before!  We’re here to provide guidance and support to get you across the finish line at the Selwyn Half Marathon at King’s Birthday Weekend, 2nd June.

What does it involve?
  • 2 pack runs each week (Tuesday & Thursday) where you set off together to complete the scheduled run for that day, at the pace required for your group
  • Three programme levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced (and yes, you can change groups if you want to)
  • Written programme detailing the other runs you’ll need to do for that week, for the programme you’re following
  • Optional seminars on optimal recovery, race day nutrition and race day preparation and tips from those who’ve run many!
  • Free advice – just ask your friendly and experienced pack leaders after your run every burning question about running you have.
  • T-shirt for first timers

When does it begin?

  • We start Monday 11th March 2024 and it goes for 14 weeks.
  • It’s ok if you head home for the holidays, just follow your programme wherever you are (that’s the beauty of running)
How much does it cost?
  • UC Staff/Students $100
  • Everyone else $160

For all the information, head to our Run Canterbury Website.    You can register online via your client portal (link on the Run Canterbury page) then make payment on your next visit to the gym.

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