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Not sure what to do at the gym? We can help with that

Starting out isn’t easy, and the gym is no exception.   It can be a little bit daunting and sometimes stepping through the door for the first time is the hardest part!    You know that exercising regularly is going to help your mental health, your physical health and your general happiness, so take the next step and come see the team at UC Rec&Sport. We are here to help you get started, so you can live your best student life!

First up, if you’ve never been a member with us before:

Step 1:  Get your UC RecCentre Membership sorted 
Step 2: Get your UC Rec&Sport App sorted

Note:  For both of these steps, you need to use your UC student email, either if you’re an undergraduate or if you’re a postgraduate student.

Then, come and explore all we have to offer.  Here are a few ways:

  1.  Take a virtual tour on the website, so you can see what to expect before you come over
  2. Book yourself a Discover the Gym session via the app.  These are small group sessions (no more than six), where we take you on a physical tour of the facility, show you how to use all the features of the app, and if time permits, we’ll show you the basics of using the equipment.  There’ll be plenty of time to ask questions too.
  3. Use the app to select a gym programme to reach your goals.  You can ask for an at-home programme, gym programme, bodyweight only, weights based and more!  All app programmes come with videos for each exercise to show you what to do.
  4. You can ask a team member on shift for help if you see them on the gym floor, or we have some 15min appointments available at no cost, for quick questions or technique advice.
  5.  Try a group fitness class.  Let our instructors guide you through a workout.  We have 40+ classes every week to suit a range of abilities and fitness levels, from beginners through to gym junkies.  Step Basic, Discover Yoga, Discover Spin and Discover SkillX are all entry level, slower paced classes ideal for beginners.

The best part?  These are all FREE with your student levy funded membership.

If you need or want a little more bespoke help, we also have Personal Trainers available at additional cost.   They can write programmes for you to follow on your own, or you can have 1:1 sessions as often or as little as you want for that extra push.   UC students get a 25% discount as standard on our full price, always.   So, you can see a trainer from $30 for 30mins!

It would be great to see you in the gym in 2024!
Ngā mihi
Te Ratonga Hākinakina | UC Rec&Sport

Join the UC RecCentre – the registration site is working again!

Woop woop! The RecCentre registration process is up and running again!  After some technical difficulties, it all seems to be working again, so you can get started with us the right way!   We appreciate your patience during this busy time and look forward to getting you on board the proper way! 

First up, if you’ve never been a member with us before:
Step 1:  Get your UC RecCentre Membership sorted 
Step 2: Get your UC Rec&Sport App sorted

Note:  For both of these steps, you need to use your UC student email, either if you’re an undergraduate or if you’re a postgraduate student.

On your next visit to the RecCentre,  we will activate your card, this takes just a few moments.  Then you’re good to go! 

If you have a 2023 student membership:
You don’t need to do anything! Just keep coming along, we will roll over your membership until you are no longer enrolled at UC, so your 2023 membership will cut off on 5th March 2024. 

UC RecCentre- get your gym membership sorted today (there’s no cost)

Did you know that your student levy covers the cost of your gym membership at the UC RecCentre?  So technically, it’s not free, but you don’t have to pay anything further, once you’ve paid your levy each year.   

UC RecCentre – Your Campus Gym 

We are located right here on campus, so it’s easy to work us into your daily schedule and stay on top of your mental and physical health goals.  You’ll find us next to K1 Lecture Theatre in the Kirkwood Oval, so take a walk across University Drive or if you’re coming by wheels, we have permit parking and bike stands in the adjacent carpark. 

How to get your membership sorted 

The best news is you only have to do it once!   Here’s what you do:

  1.  Head to this registration page 
  2.  Enter your UC student email (undergraduates this is your ; Postgraduates, this is your ) 
  3. Follow the prompts  (like, you’ll need to open your UC student email to accept) 
  4. You’ll get a ‘congratulations’ message to confirm your membership.  

It’s best to do the registration part right now, while you’re thinking about it.    Once you’ve come this far, there’s only one more bit to go! 

5. Head to the RecCentre with your UC Student ID card in hand, and we’ll activate it fully, which includes getting a photo taken.  We’ll also have someone located in Te Pātaka (ground floor of the library) from Feb 12 to Feb 16, between 9am and 4pm who can do this for you. 

6. You’ll get a few welcome emails from us, telling you what is available and to remind you to set up your Rec&Sport app to get the most of out of your student gym experience. 

Come on down and have a look, have a play or even just browse our website and virtual tour to see what to expect.  Listed below is a quick list of the most popular services and facilities we have. 

What’s at the gym?

Everything! Except a pool.   Genuinely though, here’s a quick list of all the free stuff included in your student levy funded membership:

  • Climbing wall (bouldering)
  • Squash courts, sport courts for basketball, badminton, volleyball and so on 
  • Drop-in sport sessions like pickleball, volleyball, futsal 
  • Full gym facilities (Technogym weights and cardio) 
  • Tech assisted boutique style fitness classes (like F45, FitStop) 
  • Group fitness classes including Yoga, Pilates and Spin 
  • Discovery sessions – learn how to use the gym and entry level group fitness classes
  • Women’s only weights area
  • MindBody and Boxing rooms 
  • Rec&Sport App AI generated fitness programmes and virtual sessions 
  • All equipment hire 
What costs extra? 

First up, we discount UC Students and keep things to a bare minimum to keep the extras affordable, like:

See you soon! 
Te Ratonga Hākinakina | UC Rec&Sport Team