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Free bike servicing on campus

Bring your bike down to C Block Lawn every Friday afternoon and get your bike serviced…. for free!

Dr Bike is a free cycle fix-it clinic available to both UC staff and students. This service provides basic cycle maintenance such as tuning brakes, oiling chains and puncture repairs.

You’ll find our student mechanics, Gina and Fiona, on C Block Lawn every Friday from 12pm – 1.30pm. Drop in sessions run during term time only.

To keep updated on Dr Bike sessions (and more!), follow the Sustainability Office on Instagram @ucsustain.

If you’re interested in seeing how Dr Bike fits into the bigger picture about planning for cyclists at UC, you might like to look at the UC Cycle Plan 2014-2022.

Keep an eye out for these two on Fridays!

Are you ready to move for your mental health?

There’s no denying the evidence – exercise and movement has positive benefits for your mental health and mood.  This in turn will help you cope with stress, anxiety, overwhelm and your overall clarity.  We like to boil this down to a little mantra “Move Better. Feel Better. Think Better”.

Time  & Money – our biggest barriers can be reduced

Time & Money are our biggest barriers to getting the exercise done.  The good news is walking is free, and so is the UC RecCentre (well, free in that you’ve already paid for it in your student levy).   So, let’s kick that excuse out the door.

Time is a little more challenging, when you factor in travel, showering, general chat at the gym etc.  We’ve got a solution there too – exercise from home some of those days!  You can get the UC Rec&Sport App for FREE (as long as you have an active membership with us, which remember is also ‘free’ for students) and there’ll you’ll find a bunch of home workouts of different lengths in the OnDemand section.

Great news, our livestreamed classes will be returning to the app from Wednesday 18th May, 2022.  Simply head to the timetable section and join the livestream option from your home – too easy. 

Livestream group fitness free for RecCentre members

Not quite ready to exercise, but need a little help getting over the line?

You’re not alone!  Did you know that Sport Canterbury offers the Green Prescription service at UC?  They have staff dedicated to our UC community – and yes, it’s free!   Simply fill in a self-referral form online and they’ll reach out to you.

Ready to gym but unsure how to start?

We get it.  It can be a bit daunting to use the gym for the first time.  Why not dip your toes in and book a free 15min chat with an exercise consultant?  They can show you around the gym, answer any questions, and show you how to use the app.     You can book in over the phone or via the app.    Head to our ‘getting started’ section for more tips and advice.

Ngā mihi
UC Rec&Sport | Te Ratonga Hākinakina



Hidden treasures on campus

How often do you take time to appreciate the cool spots around UC? We have a beautiful campus, and with autumn here there’s a lot admire. 

Our wellbeing coordinator Timothy Rowe took a wander around campus and found some great spots to enjoy: 

The first hidden treasure was by Te Ao Mārama, in the awa | river, where there are some tuna | eels. Consider taking some time to visit and watch the eels swim, under the rushing water. 

Longfin eels are considered a tonga, an important cultural treasure for Māori and need to be respected. When visiting it is important to instil the appropriate level of respect and care for them. This means please don’t touch the eels. 

Another hidden treasure is a wall of ivy with a ton of little birds on it on Elsie Locke that is easy to miss and walk by without noticing, but if you stop and pay attention it is a hive of bird activity.  Just another one of those things it’s easy to miss/not know about, but which when you stop and notice is actually pretty cool!