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New Zealand Sign Language is Essential

NZSL is essential for Deaf people in education, health, workplaces and to be able to participate equally in society.

This year’s theme for NZSL Week 2022 is ‘NZSL is Essential’.

The meaning behind this theme is multifaceted. As you are aware, the word “essential” is well used these days and the Deaf Organisation is drawing on this to put a spotlight on essential workers who are Deaf.

It also highlights the fact that NZSL is essential for Deaf people in education, health, workplaces and to be able to participate equally in society.

To show manaakitanga, whanaungatanga and tiakitanga to our Deaf UC community and those with other impairments/disabilities, we are celebrating NZSL Week at UC.

Learn how to order your coffee in NZSL today and get a free hot coffee for ordering in NZSL this Wednesday!

The following cafés on campus are participating:

  • 1894
  • Nuts & Bolts


This week we’re celebrating our awesome volunteers for 2022 Student Volunteer Week. 

Throughout the week join us as past and present UC Student Volunteer Army (SVA) members share special moments from their time with SVA. 

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Read Alex’s Story from Wednesday here. 

Sati Ravichandiren (2018-2019)

Kia ora, my name is Sati Ravichandiren and I was a member of the Student Volunteer Army Executive in 2018 and 2019.

Being a member of the SVA Executive was a life changing experience for me. It was two years spent creating meaningful volunteering opportunities for other students and helping communities around Christchurch and the South Island.

One memory that stands out from my time on the SVA Executive was the response following the March 15 Terrorist Attack. I was the President of the SVA at the time and I remember that after the initial horror and shock of the attack, our first thought as a group was what can we do to help.

We mobilised quickly, understanding that the best thing that we could do was support those most affected by the attacks. We helped out in any way that we could, including: working closely with the UCSA and Muslim Students Association (MUSA) to create a ride service for Muslim members of the UC community to and from funerals, the hospital, vigils, and whereever else they needed to go. Helping to set up and organise the Vigil at the university; placing volunteers around the Ilam community to talk to people and help make the community seem safe and welcoming; and organising a food drop to Muslim students identified by MUSA as being in need of support.

In the end, these were just a few small actions in the context of the wider national response to the horrific March 15 Terrorist Attacks. But I will always remember the mindset of everyone at that awful time – how can we bring everyone together and help support those most in need. That mindset is at the centre of everything the SVA does and is one that I will always carry with me.


To find out more about SVA or get involved with volunteering for yourself visit here.

Equity and Diversity at UC

UC is a bicultural institution committed to developing a diverse, culture-rich and cooperative environment for everyone in our community. UC policies aim to ensure that all students are given the opportunity and support to grow as individuals and as part of the wider community.

We value manaakitanga at Te Whare Wānanga o Waitaha. Manaakitanga is an important human value and encourages us all to ensure we are tika – being true to our values and correct in our actions; pono – being honest and open-minded, and; that we do everything with aroha – with empathy, respect, care and understanding.

Ultimately, manaakitanga is about looking after others and ensuring people feel welcome and included – in all places and in all conversations.

At UC you can expect a learning environment where you have the right to safe learning conditions free from harassment, bullying or discrimination, and to be treated in a respectful and equitable manner.

The Equity and Wellbeing Advisory Group helps to ensure students have a voice on diversity issues. Find out more online at