Vitamins and Minerals as Treatment for Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression in Adults: The outcomes from the NoMAD trial (Nutrients for Mental Health, Anxiety and Depression)

A range of Fruit and Vegetables
Publication just out: Blampied, M., Tylianakis, J. M., Bell, C., Gilbert, C., & Rucklidge, J. J. (2023). Efficacy and safety of a vitamin-mineral intervention for symptoms of anxiety and depression in adults: A randomised placebo-controlled trial “NoMAD”. Journal of Affective Disorders, 339, 954-964. doi:

Dr Spider appears on More Fm

Dr Spider holds spider and smiles at camera
Dr. Spider, aka Fiona Cross, made an appearance on More FM, opening up about her journey into the world of spiders and why you have seen more of them in your home recently 🎙️🕸️ Did you know spiders slow down in colder conditions? She discusses how as the temperature drops, spiders seek refuge indoors, searching for dark spots to escape...

Micronutrients absorbed in the mouth reduce irritability and anger but not stress in university students

Image of fruit and vegetables
Written by: Nurina Katta Long-term stress can increase the risk of all kinds of adverse physical and mental health conditions, such as strokes, cardiovascular disease, emotional distress, anxiety, and depression. In addition, stress can lead to poorer lifestyle choices, including smoking, drinking, and overeating1-6. There are high rates of stress among university students7; however, only a small number of students receive...

The Art of Science competition 2022

UC Arts and UC Science once again joined forces to run our Art of Science competition. Students from Year 5 to 13 were invited to submit their original artwork, and we were treated over 100 fantastic entries. Winning entries 2022 The competition was held under three school year categories: Apprentices (Year 5-7), Interns (Year 8-10) and Masters (Year 11-13). Check out...

Seeing Science photography competition

The UC Science photography competition provides a chance to share insights through the power of photography. Breath-taking, bewildering, thought-provoking, illuminating… We received a ton of amazing images across six categories: astronomy, behaviour, earth science and climatology, ecology and environmental science, microimaging, and people. Check out the finalists below! Astronomy Behaviour Earth Science and Climatology Ecology and Environmental Science Microimaging People

5 Simple Rules for Using Academic Freedom

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash. Boy opening book looking surprised
If you want to get an academic talking, just bring up the topic of academic freedom. We all have opinions about what it is, but almost none of us have ever researched it or thought for very long about why societies provide this liberty to a select few. Academic freedom is as old as the university. It arose in the...

Not another COVID eviction story – contested spaces in Christchurch Central City

Tarāpuka adult and nestling at the Armagh St. colony, 2019. Quintessential Christchurch: rubble and road cones
Since 2019, a colony of Tarāpuka|black-billed gulls  – not only critically endangered, but the most endangered gulls in the world -  have taken up residence in the broken remains of an Armagh St. building left to ruins in the Christchurch CBD post-earthquakes. Current plans for the site are to develop a new Catholic Cathedral, and as such, the gulls...

Celebrating Ernest Rutherford’s 150th Birthday

Ernest Rutherford was the creator of modern atomic and nuclear physics - one of the greatest scientists of the twentieth century. He started at University of Canterbury (then called Canterbury College) in 1890. After three degrees and two years research at the forefront of the electrical technology of the day, he won an 1851 Exhibition Scholarship, which he took...

The Art of Science: 2021 edition

"How often people speak of art and science as though they were two entirely different things, with no interconnection. That is all wrong. The true artist is quite rational as well as imaginative and knows what he is doing; if he does not, his art suffers. The true scientist is quite imaginative as well as rational, and sometimes leaps...

High school students investigate the stars with UC Science

From the 18 – 23 April, 20 high school students from around New Zealand attended the Elaine P. Snowden (EPS) camp. Over the course of the week the students took part in a range of activities from experiencing life as a UC student through to star gazing at the University of Canterbury’s Mt John Observatory.
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